11 January 2011

Multitouch piano project

The old Piano and Xylophon projects crashed when touching several keys at the same time even though multitouch in principle works in Catroid version 0.4.3d. These crashes were due to a bug related to a race condition when two sound files are started at exactly the same time. Until this bug is fixed, a simple workaround was to insert wait blocks with random very small amounts of wait time (5 milliseconds difference seem enough) before playing the notes. The new version is available for download at http://www.catroid.org/ as project Multitouch piano and allows to play simple piano chords with up to four fingers touching the keys at the same time (four multitouch fingers seem to be the upper limit for my HTC Desire HD). Please note that this project was developed for the 800x480 screen resolution of an HTC Desire HD etc and does not look good on Motorola Droid 2 etc as they have different screen resolutions. We work on solving this with the next release. Please also note that multitouch capabilities of Android phones differ a lot from model to model and even from firmware to firmware. Anyway, please enjoy!

Best regards - Wolfgang

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