07 July 2013

Catroid => Catrobat + Pocket Code


You probably found that not much has been going on in this blog, which not at all reflects the tremendous work and developments that have been going on around our project. The reason is that we switched to other communication means, and also changed our project's name.

Regarding the name change, Catroid now became the name of our Android IDE and interpreter for developers only. The first market release of the IDE and interpreter App is now called Pocket Code, and the beta phase on Google play has just started at http://catrob.at/beta

The visual programming language itself has been renamed to Catrobat, which now also denotes the overall name of our project. Reasons where among others that we started already some time ago to also develop IDEs and interpreters for iOS devices, Windows Phones, as well as mobile HTML5 browsers, and thus the "-roid" in our overall project's name did not adequately reflect our project's orientation any more. Also, our Apps have the same name accross all supported platforms, so a new device independent name for the IDEs and interpreters had to be found, and Pocket Code was chosen. Paintroid became Pocket Paint for the same reasons. Pocket Paint 1.0.0 since last week is in the full Google play market at http://catrob.at/PocketPaint

Regarding the switch to other communication means, please use the following links: This blog will not be used anymore in the future, so please follow our activities via above links.

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